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Next areas: Families, work, school, cars, appliances and humans. These areas are affected, but as we move towards the future they become more prominent. To start the discussion, I will show you the impact on the workplace and humans. For people in the workplace, work will be easier. M: Our world is full of technology and computers; computer programming becomes an important skill in the future, I know that coding has played an important role in our lives.

M: We know that Cassandra is also interested in programming, so we went to our computer programming teacher and we made him a consultant of our club.

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The club bounced back to her school teacher, she thought it was a good idea, and we had to advertise in a club ad after school. This machine could perform several tasks. These tasks would be givin to the machine and could figure out values of almost any algebraic equation.

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Soon, a silk weaver wanted to make very intricate designs. The designs were stored on punch-cards which could be fed into the loom in order to produce the designs requested. This is an odd beginning for the most powerful invention in the world. In the 's, a man named Konrad Zuse started to make his own type of computer. Out of his works, he made several good advances in the world of computing.

First, he developed the binary coding system. This was a base two system which allowed computers to read information with either a 1 or a 0.

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This is the same as an on or and off. The on or off functions could be created through switches. These switches were utilized with vacuum tubes.

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The functions could then be relayed as fast as electrons jumping between plates. This was all during the time of the Second World War and further advancements were made in the area of cryptology. Computer advancements were needed in order for the Allied Coding Center in London to decode encrypted Nazi messages.

Speed was of the essence, so scientists developed the first fully valve driven computer.

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Before this, computers only had a number of valves, none were fully driven by them because of the complexity and difficulty of producing it. Despite the odds, several Cambridge professors accomplished the mammoth task. Once it was built, the computer could decode the encrypted messages in enough time to be of use, and was an important factor in the end of World War II. The war also provided advancements in the United States as well. The trajectory of artillery shells was a complex process that took alot of time to compute on the field.

A new, more powerful computer was in dire need.

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Even though it was not completed until and was not any help during the war, it provided another launching pad for scientists and inventors of the near future. What was needed was a computation device that could store simple programs into it's memory for call later. The Electronic Discrete Variable Computer was the next in line. A young man named John von Neumann had the original plan for memory.

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