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Metamorphosis kafka analysis essay

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Masochism in Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis"

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It is almost as the transformation does not put Gregor in a place far from his norm, as he finds the actuality of it far more acceptable than do his peers. Furthermore, before Gregor has even managed to get out of bed, we learn that his drive is not to find pleasure for himself, but rather for others, in such a way that Gregor is only convinced is sufficient if it involves pain and suffering on his part. However, rather than attempt to resolve these issues or find new employment he continues both working there and dwelling in his dislike for it.

It would even seem that this abusive environment motivates Gregor and that his fear of failing there drives him every day to same misery.

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So even if his motivation is to help his family, it is one more similar to an obligation or servancy. This passive, accepting behavior can be described as indicative of a masochist 1. Gregor continues to hypnotically work at a miserable job that not he, but his father selected for him, cowering under his employers, for the sake of his ungrateful family. Considering that Gregor could either choose to not help his family or at least do so in a different employment, it seems as though this character does truly want to or feel the need to suffer.

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